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I am a synthwave music producer interested in making video game soundtracks. Please feel free to contact me if you would me to make something custom for you.  Check out my youtube channel to listen to all of my tracks. If you would like to use any existing tracks they are all available under creative commons. 


Contact me by email: DOS88XX@gmail.com


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Billy's Sacrifice.mp3 8 MB
Checking Manifest.mp3 9 MB
Crash Landing.mp3 8 MB
Parabola.mp3 9 MB
Race to Mars.mp3 9 MB
Smooth Sailing.mp3 8 MB
DOS-88 - Automatav2.mp3 9 MB
DOS-88 - City Stomper.mp3 7 MB
DOS-88 - Far away.mp3 8 MB


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Hi Great assets, I used them in my mini-game (credited you of course). It's not much, I'm still a newbie, but hey we all have to start somewhere. Have a wonderful day!


Hi, great music here. I have used one of your songs for a Jam (Race to Mars). Everyone loved the music. :) Of course I have added you in the credits in the game and the in the description in the game page with a link in your itch.io page. If you want to see the game (pretty simple - my first game for a beginner jam) is here: https://kamaleon70.itch.io/alien-outpost

Great songs man. I plan to use some of them but i don't understand how the license goes.

Hey thanks!  Use them however you want.  All I ask is for you to give me credit.  Link to my youtube if you can.  Paypal donations are always welcome as well. 

Ok, Thank you then. Will definitely credit. Great music by the way. 


Hey Man!

Used your music in yet another game!


I used Automatav2 for the ingame music.

Hi dude! I used Parabola in my game CHROMA DRIFT. https://sophiexjupiter.itch.io/chroma-drift how can i contact you to send you a download key?

Hey Man!

I used one of your tracks in my game: https://scrubswithnosleeves.itch.io/black-body

I used Liquid Metal from your youtube channel.  Your super talented man keep it up!

Hi! used your tracks for a game I made. Thanks for sharing - they are awesome <3. Noted you down in the credits.

Great! Thank you

I use this music in my game. If she comes out in Steam I will let you know. But to be honest, I doubt my success)

Good luck!

Awesome music! I used Checking Manifest in this game: https://atemly-games.itch.io/the-dev-cant-beat-this

Thank you!


Wow! Great songs!

Thanks for sharing these songs under a CC BY license. Crash Landing is excellent, I'll may use it in the future


Thanks Im glad you like it. 

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Loved your music! I have used some of the tracks over here https://gazler.itch.io/hostile-takeover

Awesome work!

Thank u!

Hey, great tracks! I used Race to Mars in a game jam game:

Thanks Glad u like them!

Some tracks were used in this game:
Thank you.

thanks for the heads up!

Hi there, I wanted to thank you for this collection. I included "Race To Mars" in my sci-fi rhythm game, "RhythmDrive"!





Can I use this in a commercial game? I really like the tracks.

sure! Please give me some type of credit and consider donating if you do. 



Cool music library, I used your soundtracks in my game Run Away Inside The CRT Monitor. Credits given : )


Can I use it for commercial use?

Nice Tracks! But I'd like to know what Creative Commons license you use. So do I have to credit you or can I use your music for commercial use?

City Stomper da best one. 

Truly inspiring tracks! Simple but very effective! Thanks for sharing them!

Some of your music will be featured in my new game, Topdown Fury SE. Here is the link: https://bluwolf.itch.io/topdown-fury-se

The music will be added in v.1.4, along with some new redesigns, and a file containing all the links and credits!

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I am making a free topdown shooter game, am I free to use these tracks for some background loops, or do I have to give credit?



These are super great!!! Love em 

Ah man these are wonderful!!