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I am a synthwave music producer interested in making video game soundtracks. Please feel free to contact me if you would me to make something custom for you.  Check out my youtube channel to listen to all of my tracks. If you would like to use any existing tracks they are all available under creative commons. 


Contact me by email: DOS88XX@gmail.com


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Billy's Sacrifice.mp3 8 MB
Checking Manifest.mp3 9 MB
Crash Landing.mp3 8 MB
Parabola.mp3 9 MB
Race to Mars.mp3 9 MB
Smooth Sailing.mp3 8 MB
DOS-88 - Automatav2.mp3 9 MB
DOS-88 - City Stomper.mp3 7 MB
DOS-88 - Far away.mp3 8 MB


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I loved the tracks, they are really good!
I used some in my game, https://dom-studio.itch.io/hellish-darkness, you are credited in the page and the game.

Love the “Race to Mars’. Perfect fit to my Game & Will credit you once the game is finish. ^^

Harley Quinn Goes Retrowave 

nice im going to try this in my rhythm game

I used it on my Bombernite game, https://anegri.itch.io/bombernite and put your credit on the page. 

Great music. Used a few of the tracks in my first ever game, Anarchy. You're in the credits – thanks for making these available!

I've spent way to much time listening to Race To Mars and I can't get it out of my head now xd. Thanks to you, I was able to make my first Android game! You can see the attribution on the main menu screen: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LukUpGames.StarshieldSentinel

Hey hey, I’m using one of your songs in MeatGPT: https://meat-gpt.sonnet.io

Love the album! I used it on my space themed platformer:


Thank you so much!

Hi. I just published my game using your music.


Thank you for these amazing tracks!

Also, I added you on the credits of the game.

used all these track and a handful of my own in my game gd.games/kifchris/nightdriver 

Thanks Dos88.
Which creative commons licence are you refering to?
cc0 or one that requires attribution?

Hello! I made my video game with your music. Thanks!


Really like you stuff! I'm pulling some of this into a game i'm working on. It would be my first, so we'll see if I finish >.<''... but if so I'll come back and credit and drop a link!

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Hello my friend. I used your music to create a game in one week for a jam. Here is the link where I left the credits for you https://gaboisleno.itch.io/wild-road-fighter

Your music is awesome !



Hi, just wanted to say that your music is absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to ask something real quick just to be safe. I know this says its available under CC, but I wanted to double check that it was alright with you that I use one of your tracks as the intro music for a podcast I'm working on, specifically Checking Manifest. I'd be sure to credit you in it too! Again, just asking to be safe and respectful :)

Hello, Yes that would be ok. Thanks

Deleted post


Hi, I like this kind of synthwave music.

I used some of the songs in my music rhythm game: Tap4Beat

Every song is mentioned in the credits of the game. Thank you very much.

Wait... this is here since more than one year and i don't know it ?! These tracks are just awesome !
Maybe you should add some tags on your itch project page ;)

Thanks! I will try. How do I do that ?

These track are great! Thank you for sharing them, I look forward to checking out your newer stuff.

I used several in a demonstration for a free pixel art tool...


VERY smooth. Can I use this commercially, and how much do you charge for commissions?

Yes you can use it commercially. I dont usually do commissions but donations to paypal are welcome. 


I used your track "Parabola" in my game. Thank you for offering your music for use! Game link: https://misteratompunk.itch.io/galaxywreck

Used these tracks for my jam game: Park Hour.
They sound really good!

Used your assets again for a Gamejam game, you make great music keep it up!

Game Link: https://declivever.itch.io/cavernous

Fantastic Soundtrack ! I used some of your music in my game : https://nickname064.itch.io/unlocked

(Don't worry, credit was given where credit was due)

Thanks again for the music !

Great music! I used your song "Crash Landing" in my game: https://rumblebox.itch.io/invasion

Thanks for release such great music under CC!

Hi, thank you so much for the wonderful music, it perfectly suited my game in the style of cyberpunk. CyberLife by 0-Game Studios (itch.io)

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi Luna! Everything can be used for commercial. No other conditions. Download and give DOS-88 credit in the game. (Can't just be in description) Donations to my paypal are encouraged but not required.  Thanks for asking!

Deleted 2 years ago

Hey, I used your music in my game jam game here: https://noctilucagames.itch.io/janitor-to-the-rescue

It is very cool and fits good. :) 
Thank you for this great music!

Awesome! =D

Hey ! Thanks for your music, I used it to make Don't Screw This Up recently !


Hello, used your music in https://declivever.itch.io/wizard-jump


thanks! =)

Thank you! The music is great.

hi do you think you may offer other songs you’ve done as well for games (even if they cost money) ?


yeah. All of my songs are okay to use. Just let me know and give credit if you can.  Feel free to buy or rip from anywhere you want.


Hey man!  Used your music in a 4th game now hahah. https://acb-gamez.itch.io/solonoid.  all have been free, but if this one does well I might try and make it into a full game, so I might hit you up to make a soundtrack.  How much do you think you would charge?  like 10 songs probs.

Hey! Nice one man. Thanks for the heads up. I don't have time at the moment to work on anything. I havent even released any new songs in a few months. Keep in touch though. We can work out a price if it comes up. Thanks again!


Hello your music is really awesome just like you and I love it so much.

I was able to make my second game because of this music. it really helped me so much and I'm glad that you made this music. 

I just wanted to thank you for this great music.

This is my game


Hi! Glad I could help.  Thank you so much for listening to my music. Sorry for the late reply. Itch doesnt tell me about people commenting. 




Hi Great assets, I used them in my mini-game (credited you of course). It's not much, I'm still a newbie, but hey we all have to start somewhere. Have a wonderful day!


Hi, great music here. I have used one of your songs for a Jam (Race to Mars). Everyone loved the music. :) Of course I have added you in the credits in the game and the in the description in the game page with a link in your itch.io page. If you want to see the game (pretty simple - my first game for a beginner jam) is here: https://kamaleon70.itch.io/alien-outpost

Great songs man. I plan to use some of them but i don't understand how the license goes.

Hey thanks!  Use them however you want.  All I ask is for you to give me credit.  Link to my youtube if you can.  Paypal donations are always welcome as well. 

Ok, Thank you then. Will definitely credit. Great music by the way. 


Hey Man!

Used your music in yet another game!


I used Automatav2 for the ingame music.

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